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Laser Screed

Rock ... In Place Inc. gives you, and all our customers throughout the Northwest, the most affordable and highest quality fine grading services.

We have developed a double-mast laser screed equipped with a Trimble GCS 600 grading system that mounts onto a skid steer. This fully automated unit brings your slab sub-grades to consistent and tight tolerances. The unit's two masts cut compound slopes and provide a more accurate finished product.

Sonic Trace and Cross Slope Control makes this unit a very effective sidewalk grading machine. This unit combined with a CAD Truck makes grading sidewalks fast and easy; keeping our unit price low.


We will customize a package to fit your needs. Whether you need a complete package including: gravel, CAD Truck, Loader, Laser Screed & Compaction or just the CAD Truck and Screed.

With the high costs of concrete, bringing a slab sub-grade surface from a 1/2" tolerance down to 1/8" or tighter is an important issue. It often pays for the cost of the screed work. We price your project by the SQFT depending on how much you want us to do — whether it's placing the rock or just putting the final touches to it.

Cross Slope Control enables us to grade moderate to severe side slopes.

Our Laser Screed is the perfect tool for leveling sand over vapor barriers. The ASV can glide across 2” of sand without damaging the vapor barrier because of the low ground pressure.

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